I finished Swedish as a second language 2 course a few days ago.
On the last day of the course, the teacher talked with all the students about their grades. She told me what I can and what I need to work on more. I thought it was a helpful advice even though I knew myself what is the weak point of my Swedish language skill.

But it seemed like the most of the students cared about which grade they and their friends got more than the advice from the teacher. They asked each other which grade they got… Why do they care about other people’s grade? Did they want to know if they were “better” than the other students? And they would try to find excuses if their grades were worse than the others. No matter what grade they get, they interpret it as they want. So what’s the point of comparing with other people? Is it so important to become the best student in the small class? If you really want to compare, compare you and your past instead!

Damn, I hate competition! I hate being judged! I don’t care which “alphabet” I got because the important thing for me is that simply I get satisfied with my knowledge and skill.

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