Release date of Bittersweet Stories and a little bit about my trip to Japan

I talked with Dela from CMFLG a few days ago.
He said the release date of my album Bittersweet Stories should be before the end of the year.

He is organizing everything for my album and he often gives me amazing news. A news that I recently got from him is that he is thinking to ask Taylor Deupree from 12k to master the album! How exciting!

I’m very thankful for Dela’s help. It’s too bad that I couldn’t meet him in Japan when I was there for vacation. Hope I can meet him again in the near future. (I have met him once many years ago. I played live at this event that CMFLG organazed.)

Yes, I went to Japan for vacation! I met my family and friends. I had fun!
I bicycled a lot around my hometown and bought many things and ate lots of tasty Japanese food that I had missed so much.

For example, this drink.
Do you know this? It’s called “cream soda” which is melon soda with vanilla ice cream. I have never seen cream soda in Stockholm, so I ordered it without hesitation when I found it in a “kissaten” (retro cafĂ©). It was tasty but I was disappointed a bit. It didn’t have a cherry in it! By seeing a red cherry floating in green melon soda, I can come into a dreamy world. What a blissful moment it is! But I couldn’t do that because a cherry was missing. Boooo :(

This is Chacha! My cute, funny and a little violent(!) cat in Japan.
2015-06-16-23-00-06-523I met him for the first time in three years. But it seemed like he remembered me. My mother didn’t think he would play with toys any more because he is old. But he played with some toys and this paper bag when I played with him. After a few minutes, the paper bag had got many holes. In other words, the paper bag was totally torn apart… He was an abandoned kitten and he doesn’t have any experience to play with other cats so he doesn’t know how much muscles he should use when he plays, I think. Therefore he uses 100 % of his power to play with this thin paper bag.

I had done much more things in Japan. I will maybe write about it later!

Now I’m back to Stockholm. I’ll start studying JAVA programming soon.

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