port-royal – spider toupet

What a great song and video! I am proud of myself that I sang on this song. Thank you port-royal and sieva diamantakos! Enjoy! :)

とても素晴らしい曲とビデオができました!ボーカルとしてこの曲に参加できた事を誇りに思います。port-royal と sieva diamantakos さんに感謝!

“spider toupet”, brand new track by port-royal.
the song will be featured in the forthcoming (may 2011) new compilation put together by the US label tympanik (http://tympanikaudio.com/).
vocals by linda bjalla (www.lindabjalla.com).


I’m gonna leave you behind
With my Spider Toupet
You won’t let me down
I got my Spider Toupet

video by sieva diamantakos

original title: “the inability to accept”

with: tristan martinelli, camilla semino favro, filippo balestra

special guest: alessandro prusso (the poet)

assistant director and
post-production: lucio basadonne

costumi: sartoria teatrale alessandro | www.osemont.com

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