It was March 11 today.

I was in Sweden when the earthquake and tsunami happened in Japan on March 11 2011. I managed to reach my family by phone and they were fine. I was relieved. After that, I was checking news sites and following the timeline on Twitter to know what was going on. Then I got very shocked when I saw tsunami videos. I couldn’t believe it was happening in Japan. I didn’t feel it was real.

The next day another awful thing happened. I got to know about the nuclear accident. I thought it was the last day of Japan. I thought everything would be destroyed. I just wanted my family to escape as far as possible from the nuclear power plants. I really can’t forgive what the Japanese government did to us. They didn’t share information with us. They didn’t have any preparation for nuclear accidents. They hadn’t handed out iodine tablets to people living around the nuclear power plants. The government was afraid to lose trust in nuclear power. Because nuclear power was a tool to make money.

I have recently learned the word “instrumental rationality” which means “A specific form of rationality focusing on the most efficient or cost-effective means to achieve a specific end, but not in itself reflecting on the value of that end.” This word is very suitable to the Japanese government. I mean they think instrumental rationally. We should notice that our goal is not to make money but to have a good life!

Since that day I hate money. Because I realized it’s money that makes all the terrible things in the world.

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