We are all slaves :: port-royal – exhausted muse/europe

I totally agree with what port-royal wrote about the video for “exhausted muse/europe” (I sang on this track!).
This video is amazing… I am touched.

[iframe width=”100%” height=”480″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/iH7mCEPoKT8″]

sieva diamantakos’ “escaping athens” is the vision of an exhausted and angry athens through its stunning street art (reflecting and witnessing what europe/the world is now and where it is gonna go, since its slavery to a mad consumerism and the monotheism of the free market – economy – is increasing more and more), which fits well with port-royal’s “dying in time” (2009) epic track “exhausted muse/europe”.
the song and video are for everyone who love europe but can’t help themselves to stop seeing its free fall and the utterly sad matter of fact of an european union exclusively based upon nothing but economy and greed, and with no real spiritual and ethical sharing… that’s the holocaust of a great past (and the promise of a better future) in the name of profit. now the punk’s “no future” has a more frightening and worse meaning: the eternal present of the market has destroyed any real project and future’s possibility. the right to have a future is repealed in such world, because there’s only an “essential” right: the one to consume.
last but not least, we dedicate this video to the greek people and greece in the name of the immortal remembrance of its great philosophy and humanism.

the video was shot from 2006 till 2011 in athens and edited in genoa in 2011.

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