Cendrine Rovini

I discovered these beautiful paintings by Cendrine Rovini.

Cendrine Roviniというアーティストによる素敵な絵を見つけました。

See more paintings here on her website.


I am listening to Yann Tiersen today.

今日はYann Tiersenを聴いています。

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2 Responses to Cendrine Rovini

  1. Cendrine says:

    Hello Linda, I am happy you like my work, thank you for the feature… :)
    I really love your music, such enchanting and inspiring pieces you are creating !

  2. lindabjalla says:

    Hello Cendrine! Wow, I didn’t expect a comment from you. So I am surprised and very happy!! :)

    Yes, I love your works! You create a wonderful world! Please keep up your fantastic works.

    Thank you for listening to my music and the kind words. Much appreciated!!

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